Creativity has always been a guiding force for Kim, founder of 3 Eggs Design; starting from early childhood, all the way up to obtaining a degree in graphic design and culminating in building a career in the corporate world of design and advertising. A creative soul, Kim has continuously drawn inspiration from the beauty of nature, incorporating organic elements into her work. Living in Sweden for a period of time, she fell in love even more deeply with the simplicity and fascinating charm of natural environments.

In 2012 Kim created a set of wedding stationery as a gift for a friend who was getting married, soon followed by another range, designed for another friend. The very rewarding and special experience along with the growing demand for elegant and personalised wedding stationery sparked an idea. 3 Eggs Design was born.

Over the years, the brand has constantly evolved to incorporate other types of products in its collection, including a creative range of scratch off greeting cards. Fun and ingenious, they offer a perfect alternative to classic designs. Available pre-printed or with blank sections that allow personalisation, the scratch off cards come in a wide range of designs to suit any preference and memorable occasion. All 3 Eggs Design cards are meant to make special moments even more special, whether it’s asking a best friend to be a maid of honour, inviting close friends to the wedding or announcing the upcoming arrival of a new family member.

For her unique designs, Kim combines her love for nature with various inspirations that range from Scandinavian patterns to vintage detailing and typography. A perfectionist at heart, her work is meticulously created and released only after meeting her high standards.

Why choose 3 Eggs Design? 
Our designs are made to a high standard of quality and suit any taste, budget and style. Many designs are also easy to personalise, so you can add your own hand writing to make your scratch off greeting cards truly one of a kind.

 For brides-to-be, there are also various wedding invitation styles to choose from, whether you prefer charming vintage, eye-catching modern, designs inspired by nature, or something in between.

We Care:
Here at 3 Eggs Designs we are not only inspired by nature - we also deeply care for the environment. That's why we make sure that our printed goods are environmentally sustainable, from the paper we choose down to the printing process. We collaborate with carbon neutral companies, and our designs are locally printed and designed in Australia.