Can I request changes to the wording on the invitations?

Yes. Minor text alternations will not incur a fee. However, if there is too much text and it affects the existing template, then a fee will be applied. You will be advised if so.

Can I request changes to the font?
Yes. See price list below.  

Can I request changes to the colours?

Yes, for many of our designs, this option is available unless stated.

Can I request changes to the design?

Yes. See price list below.

Can I request a change to the size of the product?

Yes. See price list below.

Will I see a proof?

Yes. Inclusive of the price you will receive two complimentary proofs, whether they are text or colour changes that do not include changes to the overall design. This excludes favour tags, signs, posters, table cards and name cards.

How much time does it take from beginning to end?

Once payment is cleared and you have sent us all the information, our turnaround time is 2 – 4 business days per revision (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Can I edit the PDF?

Unfortunately, no. All graphics and designs belong to 3 Eggs Design. Files are non-editable and password protected, which prevents the opening and altering of the design in programs like Adobe Illustrator.

Can I take my files to my local printer to get my invitations printed?

Our files are designed for home printing and will work at most local printers. Our files may not be compatible with all software used by printers, so we cannot guarantee our PDF file will work at all print houses. Please contact us to arrange for an alternative file.

Do you send out samples?

Unfortunately no, due to the nature of our products.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A refund is only issued if artwork has not commenced.

How do I trim my prints?

All you need is a sharp craft cutting knife, a steel ruler and a cutting mat. All our files have trim marks to indicate where you should cut. Simply align your ruler to match up the trim marks and cut. We also provide an instruction sheet when we send out the printed files to you.

Wedding Invitation: $59.00
Save the Date Card: $39.00
RSVP Card: $24.00
Thank You Card: $24.00
Menu: $39.00
Program: $69.00
Directional Card: $39.00
Information Card: $39.00
Accommodation Card: $39.00
Wishing Well Card: $34.00
Reception Card: $34.00
Table Cards: $24.00 - $29.00

Additional Proofs: $15.00 per revision per card
Resizing of artwork: $15.00 per card
Adjustments to layout starts at $20.00
Change of font starts at $10.00 per font per card
Rush Order (each proof within 24 hrs. on a business day): $50.00
(All prices are in $AUD)

Still have questions? No problem, just contact us via the contact form on the website.